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YWAM Paris Connect neighborhood Aubervilliers

YWAM Paris Connect

We love hosting visitors here at YPC!


Paris is an amazing city to experience and we love getting to help people do that. Hospitality is a huge value for us and we want to do everything we can to help you travel well.

If you would like to visit the city or our campus, please read the information below and fill out an accommodation request.

YWAM Paris Connect building
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Guest bedroom at YWAM Paris Connect
Church in Aubervilliers Paris


Paris is a hub of international travel, so we have a lot of people coming through our campus. On top of that we run 4-6 schools a year, different workshops, conferences, and seminars. All these factors determine availability.
Please fill out the application below, and we will do our very best to host you.

Please note that we do not function as a hostel but as a community. We want to get to know the people staying with us and we ask that guests join us for at least a few meals and some corporate times.

Our busiest seasons are January-April and June-July.


Visitors are strongly encouraged to join us for our base activities. Below is a list of our typical weekly base activities.

Worship at 9:30am on Mondays & Fridays

Prayer at 9:30am on Tuesdays & Thursdays

City evangelism on Wednesday afternoons

Lunch daily at 1:30pm

Dinner daily at 6:30pm


*Weekend schedules are off, so meals are self-serve.

Worship and evangelism with youth in Paris with YWAM
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Our shared dorm rooms give opportunity for you to connect closely with our community, current students and other visitors. Each room is fitted with a number of bunkbeds and a little shelving for some storage space. You will also have access to community showers. These spaces are single beds in a shared dormitory style room.

Pricing: 30€ per night, per person (meals included).

Dorm guest room at YWAM Paris Connect
Guest bedroom at YWAM Paris Connect

Our guest private rooms have limited availability, and are typically reserved for married couples and families. A private bathroom and kitchenette are included.

Pricing: 40€ per night, per person (meals included).


We are located just north of Paris, around a 30-40 minute metro ride from the heart of the city.

Our neighborhood can present some challenges, so please use wisdom during your visit.


  • Personal belongings need to be well guarded, with valuables stored where they cannot be pick-pocketed. We strongly suggest not holding phones or any valuable items in hand, and keeping back pockets empty as you walk.

  • Our guests are asked to maintain the same guidelines as our staff and students in not walking alone in our neighbourhood at night.


  • Please take note of these things as you make your plans & carefully considering your arrival and departure times. 

In all this, we choose not to walk in fear, but in wisdom, awareness and God’s protection, understanding that He has intentionally called us to this area to be a light and an example of Christ.

Street in Aubervilliers Paris
YWAM Paris Connect building


Please note, your request is not guaranteed until approved by YWAM Paris Connect.


A minimum of 4 nights stay is required. If approved, payment is due 7 days prior to arrival.

Please click on the "Apply to Stay" button below to fill out the online application form.

By requesting to stay, you are agreeing to the following during your time with us:

 - To honor and uphold the values that our campus operates within as you stay with us. This includes but is not limited to: abstaining from sexual immorality, stealing, or any form of abuse.

 - No drinking, smoking, or pets on our properties (we have students living on our properties, and want to honor any process that they may be walking through).

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Bring your outreach team to YPC! Applications are below. Select the tab 'Outreach Team Application'.

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