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YWAM Paris Connect building with youth around the front




Since pioneering the base in October 2017, God has shown us amazing favor by providing numerous and timely places for us to rent while forming YWAM Paris Connect.


In November 2018, the owner of our rental property approached us with an amazing opportunity to buy not only the current building we rent from him, but the building next door as well.


We plan to purchase, renovate, and build on top of the properties. Through this we aim to house and train hundreds of young people, to send them into the nations, and to create space for our local ministries to grow and develop.

YWAM Paris Connect building in Paris
Aerial view of YWAM Paris Connect building in Paris


Our neighborhood of Aubervilliers is a melting pot of many cultures, yet we see a great need here and God’s heart for this area. We feel the potential for growth is big and is just around the corner.


For many Parisians, Aubervilliers is not held in high esteem. However, we see Jesus has His eyes on the least of these and those who have been stereotyped, labeled, and perhaps feel cast aside or forgotten. It’s among them that God wants us to “Establish YWAM Paris Connect“.


*Pictured to the left is approximately 550m2 of land; the aerial view of the properties to be purchased. The almost 1000m2 of living space contains 2 large warehouses, a large office, an industrial kitchen, and 4 apartments.


The current cost of the total property

& redevelopment is 2.5 million euros.


Phase 1 
  1. Raise 400k for down payment (finished March 2021)

  2. Purchase Property #1 with a low interest loan (finished June 2021)


Phase 2 
  1. Raise 355k for down payment & fees for Property #2 (finished March 2023)

  2. Get building permissions approved (finished April 2023)

  3. Purchase Property #2   (paused while owner evaluates his timeline to sell)


Phase 3
  1. Raise 290k for Property #2 foundational renovation costs

Phase 4
  1. Raise 175k for interior renovation & furnishing costs
Celebration at YWAM Paris Connect when buying the building with Adam and Leah Thompson


We’re looking for donors of small and large amounts to donate with us in seeing this vision fulfilled. Whether you can give 20 euros or 20,000 euros – every euro counts!


We invite you to partner with us to see this vision fulfilled and help champion the on-going work God is doing in Paris.

If you would like to give a larger amount such as 10,000 or more, please contact us on or directly through our “contact us ” page and we can provide instructions.


Help make a difference!


Have more questions?

Get in touch with us, we would love to help.

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+33 1 71 86 91 80

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