paris je taime

Join us for two weeks of urban missions in Paris.

what is Paris je t’aime?

Paris Je T’aime is an outreach event of the Summer of Service that desires to love on the city of Paris. Come together with local churches and mission groups and do evangelism, prayer, Bible reading and street performances to bless individuals in the city and to make lasting spiritual and cultural change.

the Program

Mornings: worship and teaching

Afternoons: Ministry teams in Paris (children and family work, one-on -one contacts, working with homeless…).

Evenings: Open-air meetings (choreographies, music performance, testimonies, preaching…).

what people say

Doing the Summer of Service gave me opportunity to love the children of Paris. We played music for them and told them about Jesus. It was a powerful time!


Expand your summer

While you’re in western Europe why not join Regeneration in Montruex, Switzerland – The Montreux Jazz Festival brings together professional musicians from around the world. Alongside the festival are opportunities to share the truth of Jesus with the crowds who assemble, through performances of music and dance, children’s ministries, Bible distribution, sharing testimonies, talking one on one and praying.

More Info

Includes: food, accommodation and seminar

Start Date: 15th July, 2019

End Date: 28th July, 2019

Cost: 400 €

Languages: French & English

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