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The Medical Discipleship Training School trains, equips and empowers students to know God and make Him known through a passion for healthcare.

lecture phase

The 12 week lecture phase is devoted to knowing God more intimately. Each week will have teaching on integral aspects being a disciple of Jesus, including topics such as Hearing God’s Voice, The Character and Nature of God, and Worship and Intercession.

Students will also gain understanding of healthcare needs of people around the world, and how those needs can be filled with compassion and basic healthcare. Whether medically trained or new to the medical field, this DTS will give students exposure to medical missions and how to identify personal skills and calling.

Jesus took a holistic approach to his ministry, focusing on physical, emotional and spiritual needs, often all at once. Around one third of his ministry was focused on healing the sick and diseased. Discover his journey with us and how you can be apart of it!

outreach phase

During the 12 week outreach phase, students will use the tools they’ve learned throughout the lecture phase to reach and serve those who have never before heard the gospel. Healthcare is one of the most powerful and effective ways to reach the unreached as everyone on earth has the right to have access to basic health education and care.

Approximately 1.2 billion people in the world live in extreme poverty. Where there is poverty there is also ill-health as these people are typically exposed to variable weather conditions and unsanitary environments. Millions of deaths can be prevented each year by improving people’s access to essential health care.

Jaimee was born in Canada, but has been living in France with YWAM since 2014. She has a degree in nursing and a passion for healthcare, as well as impacting the nations with the gospel. Medical missions is truly one of the most influential ways to connect with the heart of God and with his people. She is committed to reaching the all and the every through the doors that God can open through simple healthcare and kindness. Join her and the many staff on the base who have a passion for medical missions on our Medical DTS!

Start Date: 6th October, 2019

End Date: 22nd March, 2020

Registration: 30 €

Lecture Phase: 2450 €

Outreach: 2,000 €

Languages: French & English

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