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The Frontline DTS goes to the hard to reach places in the world in Middle East, Asia, & North/West Africa to reach those who have never heard the gospel. One of the greatest injustices on earth is that there are millions of people have never heard the gospel or even the name of Jesus. Our heart is to go to the frontline – to the hardest places on the earth to bring the truth and love of Jesus.

what people say

This DTS is not for the faint of heart and you will need to be ready to go to the hard to reach places and be ready to reach those who have never heard the truth of the name of Jesus!


outreach phase

The call of God for the outreach with the Frontline DTS outreach is to “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations”. Weather it’s hiking in the mountains of Nepal, reaching saharan desert villages or discovering Arabian cultures – we want to go where “no man has gone before” to preach the gospel where no-one has heard it.

Come with us on an adventure of a lifetime and discover the call of God for your life while impacting nations with the good news!

Emily has been leading outreach teams with YWAM for the past 2 years, and loves to champion others to grow in God and reach outside of themselves to the nations. She’s helped to pioneer the Frontline DTS at YPC and has a heart to reach the unreachable! If you want to grow, get out of boredom and routine, and see Jesus change your life, and other lives too, come and do this school. Frontline DTS calls for the adventurers, the explorers, and the ones who dare to move to where other’s turn away from. Join us!

Start Date: 30th June, 2019

End Date: 14 Dec, 2019

Registration: 30 €

Lecture Phase: 2,500 €

Outreach: 2,300 €

Languages: French & English

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